Wilted Kale Salad With Hazelnut Vinaigrette


I just got a new job.  It’s obvious I’m stressing out about it since I’ve been feverishly cooking for the past hour and a half.  I’m excited, but, as with many of us, change can be scary.  This salad is my new ultimate favorite salad. I was inspired by a hazelnut oil I found at my local Home Goods store; a similar brand to the one my grandmother used to use as a base for vinaigrettes.  This salad is heavenly!  I used toasted walnuts and WayFare’s Bacony Bits to complete the dish (available online–I got mine from Vegan Essentials). Oh my goodness, this salad is a MUST!  Try it!

First, you need to wilt freshly rinsed kale for a couple of minutes with vegetable stock or water.  Once it slightly starts to wilt, drain the kale and place it in a serving dish.

The vinaigrette is based on a simple, and quite common French recipe:

3 tablespoons of hazelnut oil

¼ cup of white wine vinegar

1 teaspoon of mustard (I use Maille)

Salt and pepper to taste

Top with toasted walnuts and WayFare’s Bacony Bits!  Enjoy!

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